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Mecum Auction 71 429 Vert

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Don't know if anyone's posted this yet but thought this was a pretty special car. Can't say I've seen too many 429 4 speed verts. Any guesses on what it will bring?



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Sold for $115,500.  The Grabber Lime one was Thomas' car and a very nice one.   There are a few of us on this forum that still have our 71 vert 429s.  This is my red one.

71 Conv 429.png

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52 minutes ago, Horsin' Around said:

130k with commission, wow. Good news, a little cred to the big horse family!

The $115.500 included the commission... It sold for $105,000. It has been a while since a factory big block 71 vert has crossed a major auction block, so predicting the final sale price was truly an unknown, no comparable's... Given these times... a fair price in today's market. 

"Yes dear", has kept me in the hobby a long time...

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An extremely attractive package with all the goodies you could ask for in a vert.  IMO, it would be hard not to drive and enjoy what it has to offer.

I should think about buying a lottery ticket now and then.....

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