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Holley 50cc Pump Geometry Issue

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More than likely found the issue. Pulled the carb and found the high idle screw making just enough contact with the red arm/cam it rides on when engaged to keep the transfer slots exposed. Obviously could not see that with the carb on the car but immediately found it when I flipped her over. Explains the extra fuel and the high RPM leading to the burning eyes. I'll bolt her back on tomorrow and give it a try. I also took the advice of the document 71Coop provided and set the P and S plates evenly by light gap, and not transfer slot exposure, and sure enough it was quite different than the gap you get when "boxing out" both. With even gaps my Primary Transfer slot is properly "Boxed" but the Secondary side is just barely not yet exposed. I had previously read most of the other points in that document before in other places, but that advice was interesting and makes a lot of sense. Thanks!

Chris -  Born in '73 - Drive a '73 / Former U.S. Army 63B10-H8 / 1st Infantry Division - The Big Red One


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