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Fuel Tank Vent Tube

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Hi guys...starting to get back at working on my project after a lot of delays this past year.  Was focusing on the fuel system at the back of the car over the X-mas break and had an issue when installing the fuel tank and filler neck.  During install, I had the pressure signal channel of the filler neck (that the pressure signal tube fits into) misaligned to the pressure tube in the tank.  Unfortunately, I broke one of the joints on the pressure tube in the tank in the process.  This is a spectra re-po tank and for those that are familiar, there is a bracket that holds the tube in position near the middle of the tank, and another - what looks to be - solder joint right where the tube begins it's upward ascent into the filler neck area.  It looks like I broke the solder joint.  So, now the tube rests on a metal support in the tank, and appears to fit into the filler neck correctly (after I re-installed), but I'm not sure if this is a good idea to leave it this way.  Couple questions:


1) Has anyone had this happen and what did you do to fix?

2) Does anyone know if a joint like this can even be fixed?

3) Any recommendations for a shop to fix if possible?





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