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Console assembly question

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My car originally had the small console but it was missing when I bought the car.  I’m trying to get all the pieces to put one back in but not sure what all I need and how it assembles.  I have the rubber boot that bolts to the trans tunnel, the console ashtray, and the black filler piece.  Is there more to this as I don’t see how to attach the filler panel to the console?




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The plastic piece you have is for long console 3 or 4 speed. The short has some ears on two corners. I do not have a pic. The repo pieces have the ears.


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Thanks.  Who sells that part, I can't find a new replacement?

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I too have the mini console in my 4 speed. I have a spare, but missing the insert. If you can't find one, make your own. Amazon sells black plastic sheet 1'x1' in varying thicknesses and types, I think 1/8"ABS would be good. I went one step further and added a piece 3/8" thick to take up more space and bring the top insert closer to the console. There was a large gap under mine that looked ugly!

Hope that offers a solution.

EDIT; NPD have it, #7E391-1A, list as 4 speed, 


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