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PM Message Out of the Blue


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I received a pm from a Colten Prine out of Texas today.  Seems his dad once owned my Mustang.  He said he has been trying to track it down for some years now and came upon our site after doing a search by the vin#.  He left his number so I gave him a call and we chatted awhile.  It was interesting to listen to him explain about his dad and what he had done to the car over the years he owned it.  Need to remember the original car came off the line as a 71 sportsroof  came with a 302 , c4 and 3.00:1 rear end. It was originally sold out of Sulphur Texas.  Here is a few highlights of our conversation.   His father had it from the late 80's to early 90's. His name was Troy Prine from Cleburne Texas.  While he had it he put in a 351 with a FMX.  He also changed the hood to nasa style and deck out the rest of the car to be a mach1 clone.   During his ownership the car was hit in the right rear.  This I knew about by doing the restoration on the car. In fact both rear quarter panels had shown signs of damage and had been bondo.  He sold the car to a friend of his and that persons son wreck it again - this time the front end.  This I did not know about and did not see any evidence of it while I was restoring the car.  The car then went into limbo land again until my brother purchased it in 1999.  Once again another engine trans upgrade.  He had a 460 with a c6 and 3.73:1 trac-lok put in it.  I have been trying to find out more info myself about the previous owners and now this helps to fill in some of the gaps. Colten ask of course if I would be willing to sell it because it meant a lot to him.  His father passed away some years ago and this is a link to him.  I told him I understood but as I explained to him it also has family bonds to me and that it was given to me by my brother during his final days. I felt bad to telling him no.   Any of you guys and gals from the Texas area know of them.  I think he said his uncle owns Prine Auto Salvage Inc Junkyard out of Cleburne.      

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