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In my (seemingly) never ending saga to change to d0ae heads, the set I thought I bought fell through, but I have found a set D0AE-N heads I n California. The problem is getting them to NY. 

while seller wants local pickup he is willing to consider shipping, but neither of us have any idea how to pack and ship them safely. Initially thought of boxing them separately but UPS/Fedex are not known for being careful and having them dropped, thrown etc can’t be good for them. open to any suggestions. 

also any idea of cost north cal to Long Island ny

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I shipped a set of heads to another member "TheJ" on here a few years ago through USPS.  It wasn't cheap. Around $75 if I remember correctly. I took a garbage bag and put over the heads after a sprayed them with oil then used large pieces of cardboard and and wrapped them tightly around the heads each individually.  Then duct taped the cardboard. Then wrapped another layer of cardboard around the heads individually. I shipped them just like that and had no issues.  

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I shipped a set of GA heads to a guy in BC Canada. I'm a bit more anal than turtle5353 and built a wooden crate for each. I used 1x10 pine cut as needed. I used 2 carriage bolts to hold to the base, then screwed on the sides and top and strapped with that plastic strapping mat'l. I added a couple of pieces 1x2 on the bottom so the handlers could get hold of the heavy boxes. I shipped via Purolator and it cost the guy about 80 buck US a piece (100 Cdn) The guy was very happy by the way I sent them.


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Like Stanglover, I've built wood shipping cases to ship (FedEx) cast iron intakes and such.  Wood  materials are inexpensive, but you need to have some basic construction skills & tools as well as some respect for the parts themselves and the shipping trauma they will endure.

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I haven't shipped heads but have shipped other heavy items I didn't want damage.  I built a wooden crate and then took the item I was shipping and put in a plastic garbage bag.  I then took some window spray foam for filling cracks, the expandable type and sprayed a layer on the bottom of the box.  I placed the item on that layer once it set up and then sprayed around the rest of it and over it.   Once it set shave off any excess and close up for shipping.  Almost impossible for it to get damage in shipping.  Item is in a cocoon of foam and even if the box gets dropped the foam protects it.

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I do what Kilgon does - minus the wood crate.

I have had good luck with cardboard boxes if I reinforce the heck out of them with more cardboard and a hot glue gun.

The spray foam trick is a good one.  I'll add one important tip though, the foam needs water to cure.  If you are going to try and mimic one of those foam filled shipping bags you need to spray the inside with a mist of water from a spray bottle.  I normally bag up the heavy part so that the spray foam won't get to it, then mist it and the box / crate with some water.  A healthy dose of spray foam (get the regular stuff, not the lightweight window / door) and it should resist whatever torture test the courier puts it through.  I've shipped transmissions and differentials out of smaller import cars using this method damage free.  

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I've shipped cylinder heads with UPS - took a set of AFR 195s I was selling to a UPS store and just worked with the guy working the counter to make sure they were well packaged and padded. They got from Columbus OH to Chicago with no problems. Buyer built a killer 383 stroker with'em.

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My Dad shipped a set of Cleveland heads to me—he built wood crates exactly as described above.  From Arkansas to California was $60 or $65 each crate.  Not cheap, but they made it safely.  He used rigid foam around them from some appliance he had bought, but I like the idea of expanding foam as described above.  If I had to do it again, I think I’d just buy aftermarket aluminum.

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I have shipped quarter panels for 1950 Ford built a wood crate and foam around. Heads I would just make a box with couple layers of card board around head. Fastenal the fastener company ships heavy stuff and also the bus companies do. If you build a crate after screwed together put metal band around to keep together. Do not try to nail together will not work.
I am probably going to get couple sets of Australian heads shipped over soon. When I do my track car want to be able to run on dyno with Ausi heads and also 70 CC 4-V heads to end the discussion of what is best. Ship two sets sell one to offset the cost. I am thinking the Ausi heads will have better low end and 4-V just better at wide open high rpm.

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