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Hi Team..

Ever since completing my 73 build with original wiring my horn fuse kept blowing. Haven't worried about it until our Warrant of fitness check every 6 months where I replace it for the check. Horn goes fine until I discovered it only blows when I turn my headlights on. I know from the wiring diagram it is linked to the cigarette lighter and wondered if it has anything to do with the bulb that is on inside the cigarette lighter which is definately going when lights are on. Is there anything I can easily check k without pulling the dash. Cheers Steve NZ

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Better get under the dash and inspect the harness. I had similar gremlins and found some wiring insulation significantly melted. 

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It may just be coincidental that the fuse blew when the headlights were on. There really isn't anything that the light on the lighter could do to pop the fuse. Have you tried plugging in the lighter when the headlights are on, to see if that blows the fuse? Have you disconnected the horns and pushed the horn button with the horns disconnected? To me the two most likely causes of the fuse popping are the horns shorted internally or the wiring in the steering column being pinched. 



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