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front seat position

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Has anybody modified drivers seat positioning.  It feels like I'm sitting on the floor.  Would love to raise my seat to a more upright setting.  The rear bolts are horizonal secured, so would a steel bracket be safe.  Does any other seat tracks work?  


Alan L

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Obviously this varies by driver height. I am 6 foot, tried various seats and seating positions, the steering wheel is the biggest problem unless you get a small one or tilt column it is just in a weird place. Ended up returning to the stock seats.


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Yes, I have moved mine back 3" and adjusted the seat back angle. To make the seatback more upright you could add spacers to the bumpers at the seat bottom or back. I have trimmed mine down a bit to adjust them. To raise the seat some spacers could be added between the tracks and the seat bottom frame. 

[align=left]Jeff T.


When I die I want to die like grandpa, peacefully in my sleep... not screaming, like his passengers. [/align]

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