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6 hours ago, Fabrice said:

I don't buy his story, no falling object would do this kind of damage and the way the 3 visible creases are connected is the result of one and only rear kiss, and surely a wet one! You're in may be just for a quarter panel if you are lucky, how does the trunk floor looks like there?
At least it's not been repaired with a big hammer and kilos of Bondo, as @kilgon suggests, let a pro take a look at it, so you know what you're looking at...

We've all found out hidden pearls ( still do), it's part of the hobby I guess ;) 

I didn't either but the guy acted like he had just gotten out of a mental institution (certified nut job) so I left it at that.  He was going through a real nasty divorce and was more concerned about the money and keeping it hidden from his ex-wife.

I already had the car looked at when I got it home and was told no major damage was done.  I also had the trunk floor looked at and it wasn't tweaked.  So I got real lucky there.

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Gratz on your new purchase and welcome from Missouri 

Wisdom, knowledge and intelligence are three very different things.

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