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Hi all

I recently purchased and received the Ram Air kit from CJPP (#RAK1).

I was wondering if anyone had a source for a detailed install explanation, for a complete novice. 

Thanks in advance 


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From their website thats all I see



Video Transcript

We're here with a Ram Air Kit for your '71 through '73 Mustang. The kit includes an original style Mustang ram air air cleaner box with the lid and a snorkel with the correct actuator. It includes the under hood plenum with the dual snorkels with the actuators already installed, as well as a seal that go from the air cleaner box to the plenum. All your vacuum lines are included, along with a vacuum diagram and all your installation hardware. Although we plan on a full installation of the ram air kit sometime in future, one of the more common questions we get is how to install the seal to the air box.

I want to show you how to do that real quick. The seal has this edge, as seen here. The way this seal ships, it's actually inside out. If you want to turn the seal inside out to install it ... and now that edge goes underneath this lip. You want to make sure it is all the way under or it will not hold in. It's best to pull the edge out and then flip it underneath. Make sure it is tucked all the way around. You're ready to install in your car. This Complete Ram Air Assembly for your '71 to '73 will fit all body styles. It does require the use of an original or reproduction NACA style hood.
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Not much you can do wrong. There are a couple clips to hold the vacuum lines up shown in the Ford assembly manual. I think one in front between the two scoops and one to the R.H. side to hold in place when hood is open.

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Perhaps someone with easy access to their car could shoot some photos? Mine is on lift. Working on another car under the lift...sorry.  It is pretty straightforward though. Your hood should have holes where the plenum screws in.

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Below are pics that I have stolen from the internet over the years. The white car I have labeled as 'unrestored,' but that just means that somebody selling the car claimed that, I didn't verify! The white car seems to have the same vacuum hose location as the dirty green car but not as the clean red one. I assume the clean red one is wrong? I messed with the aftermarket RA setup on my car as the PO had just used generic hardware to install it and it looked horrible. My vacuum hose kit did not come with the metal P-clamps that hold the hose to the plenum so I had to dig around at Lowe's or Menards to find something that looked appropriate.




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In my car for some reason the hose comes from the engine on the driver's side:

(edit: in this picture the vacuum hose to the RAM is not connected to the engine. It is being held by the wiper fluid hose so it can be confusing)


I noticed on the Boss for sale link shared yesterday that it has a different setup. It could be that it was modified or improperly restored, or that's how it came from factory. I don't know:


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