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Boss 351 opinions

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I'm not currently looking for a car but check dealer inventories on occasion.

Here is a Boss 351 that seems nice and the price is lower than the $70-80k, others I've seen. As far as detailing and an AACA winner, I dont notice any decals under the hood. Probably other little things, I'm missing.

IF I was looking for a car, with my limited knowledge I would be tempted with considering this one.

Be interested to hear what opinions do you all have?



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Looks nice.  I'd want to look real close at where the LR fender is joined to the door jamb.  It is hard to tell from the picture but it looks smoothed over.  Also, it states it has a Holley carb so the original may be missing, though the fuel line does route to the left side of the carb.  The NACA scoop fasteners don't look right; I thought they used a stud and nut fastener rather than machine screws.  The h-pipe looks like it's pieced together and welded vs. machine-bent.

Its not in my price range, but I'd drive it!     

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I do not think any decals are missing under the hood. I believe I was told Boss for some reason did not get the caution fan on the shroud and Ford did not put a sticker on the air cleaner when the engine size is on the hood. People do but not correct. The other letters you see on some cars I think was purely an audit car for quality. They did not 100% inspect the car just audits. The statistics to get 100% good parts by is inspection is to check 6 times if I remember correct. Ford came into our plant to teach their quality knowledge.
My original 73 Mach 1 never had them and no battery inspection sticker either. Only sticker is in the trunk with a red P. If they had been there would have left them.
You would need to do a full inspection of the car the underside is very important. The Boss show is coming up in Kansas in June is it not?


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