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My dad had an old Pioneer he bought around 79, very similar. Didn't have quite the warm sound of a tube type receiver, but it still had great sound. I've had a JVC set up from 90 or so running thru older Pioneer speakers (probably late 70's) and I don't think it sounds quite as good as the older Pioneer thru Pioneer speakers.

I also remember people talking about once they got rid of tubes in tv's/radios that they were just disposable and can't be fixed...

My wife wants something smaller because it takes up too much room...

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Very interesting to watch the restoration of older audio equipment.  Very nice work.  Most end up in the dump.  Not very many people or places left that can work on the individual component level.  I grew up with my father working on b&w tv's in his spare time and pick up the a lot from him.  I still have a lot of diodes, resistors and capacitors in their  original packages.  Maybe will find a use for them one of these days.   




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On 4/4/2021 at 2:23 AM, midlife said:

Very nice.  However, you speak funny.  :biggrin:

Excuuuuuse me :classic_blink: ...if you hadn't kicked us out  and signed your tatty piece of paper in 1776  - you'd be speaking like this, ordering cream teas and watching Cricket matches :cool:   :thumb:  :classic_rolleyes:

...so p00bah ! :biggrin:

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Enjoy's searching out 71-73 history

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Great job. One thing I never got into was electronics. I do have a Pioneer Surround sound system that went down I wanted to put in the garage. When my mom was alive I came in one day and she had it cranked up so loud that the pictures on the walls of the living room were bouncing. I ask her what she was doing and she said "it just sounds so great cannot get it too loud".
You would go crazy here where I live with thousands of retired people that kept their old electronics. I was at a Goodwill the other day and they had five 200 disc Sony CD changers. I bought one like $18.00 but could not get it to work with my Sony rig in the garage. It has a 5 or 6 CD changer, Turntable, Pioneer large laser disc player, and hooked up to some tall Pioneer speakers I have about 8' off the floor.
I also have a 1940's Sears AM , Turntable and wire recorder my dad bought new. I have not turned on in years.
To get into something I can work on I have an upright tall 1920 Victrola. Since it is all mechanical I have kept it going. I had bought an old player piano about the time I headed to China to work. I had taken it apart repaired the soundboard had a split bass bridge and had got strings back on and put new bridals on the hammers and leveled the keys with new felt guides. Has Ivory keys and my sister has played since may 9 and she said the keyboard and piano felt like a new one just way out of tune. I was about to get deep into the player part had all the air box apart and starting to get ready to rebuild all the bellows and went to China then back to build shop so it sits.
I say a working one on Market place and went to view and got it with 50 player rolls I have several hundred and they still make them. When he demonstrated it he kept having to adjust tracking. I ask if it was not automatic and he said no. His mom bought new is 100 years old. She sent to Atlanta and had it upgraded to put a vacuum cleaner motor in to run the vacuum system so no pedals. I got it home cleaned and lubed the player and the tracking started working. Plays perfect it is in garage also. Mechanical I can figure out but electronics I know zero. I have all the testers for tubes and some NOS old tubes that I got in a lot buy. One of the testers was called a lynx eye or cats eye testor with this crazy blue looking tube in it. It has been in barn for years so I am sure it is shot.
The Tech. school I attended I think has the largest collection of old electronics in the U.S. and they fix them and on display. Pics of the player piano before I moved from their home. 1921 patent date.
You need to move here and you will be covered up with business.



When a man is in the woods and talks and no women are there is he still wrong??:P


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