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Replacement foam seals for heater and a/c ducting

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There is an open cell foam that is used to seal between the plastic duct pieces behind the dash. What have other people used? It looks like a black foam of some sort. It just turns to dust being almost 50 yrs old. Any help appreciated.

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They make a heater a/c foam seal replacement kit.  Can get from OMS or NPD.  I have also gone to JoAnns Fabric and picked up some foam from there to use.  They carry several different types that will work for that. 




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If you have the heater box out be sure to run a 3/16" drill through the slots for the rods in the doors. Makes it much easier to get them back in and held with a screw so not going anywhere. Also get you some 1/4" box wire and cut a piece to put over the heater box between the cowl and box. The foam they send is different from original and you get two pieces for the cowl. So I put the wire between them. Keeps the critters out. I also put stainless steel pot scrubber pads in the cowl vent drains and put the 1/4" mesh wire zip tied under the plastic vents in cowl. No more mice getting in there.
If you have AC good time to take the evaporator and get it flushed out before putting back in.
If the case looks bad satin clear makes it look new after good cleaning.


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