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Lower body blackout 1/4” stripe

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As I stripped the paint from my ‘72, I noticed issues.  Some was paint, some was tape striping.  The lower body blackout was not consistently comprised of paint, some of it (or maybe all of it originally) was tape.  The lower body portion was all paint, but the 1/4” stripe itself was tape.  Is this what everyone else has experienced?   Uhhh, asking for a friend...  LOL

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1972 Mach 1 - 351C, FMX, PDB, PS, A/C, Fold Down, Console
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6 hours ago, Hemikiller said:

That's how Ford did it. They applied a two component tape stripe to cover the masking line. 



That's interesting to know - never heard about it before :thumb:



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My 72 Mach1 has had a closed door repaint (the same colour (Gold Glow). I can still see where the stripes were in the door jams etc. I will compare the pics in the link to see.

Im also looking for the correct measurements for the blacked out hood.. I am seriously thinking of getting a decal or vinyl wrap done for it. So if any one has the measurements and a link.. That would be great.

I have seen that there is a stencil kit you can buy, but this is to be used to paint the bonnet and I dont plan on doing that. I plan on the black bonnet that narrows at the front rather than the all black that is like the Boss 351 type on the 71.

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1 7/8” from the front of the leading edge of the trim. This has been discussed many, many times on this site. There’s no absolutely exact measurement cause the factory did them by hand on the line. Here’s a pic of my hood and I’m sure the other members on here will give you measurements and more pics. Pretty much 6” at the front it by the hood edge, and about 5 1/2” towards the back. 1/2” in between the lines.






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John - 72 Q Code

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you can look at the bottom of page 8 of my restoration thread: 



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Never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly :runninpony:

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I have been told by members that the stencel is incorrect I do not know have not had my hands on one. I have done several threads on here on the black out. I have three original Ford painted hoods my 73 Mach 1 has 12,000 miles on it. The black or argent is just half of that option. The hood locks were the other half. If you got black out your got hood locks. I did a rub off for couple members and one actually did get something cut for their car. Do not remember who it was. This is a write up I did with pictures and measurements as best I could. Like stated it was applied by hand in factory so will be crooked and vary some on set back.
Backwards spoilers and incorrect hoods are rampant, lol.


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On 4/13/2021 at 12:12 PM, Carolina_Mountain_Mustangs said:

Yes they painted the lower black or argent first then masked off the break lines and around the door openings then painted body color and added the tape. If you had the chrome strip there for the Mach 1 with no stripe and Decor Group you did not get tape since trim hides the line.
It is also interesting that when I was looking at the 72 Mach 1 I have that the way they tape off in the door opening is different from how they taped off on convertible with Decor group.
The black beside the tail lights done at the same time also. And if a 73 the black around the front marker lights was also done. The valance panels were also installed when they painted the black or argent and color also. Most restorations paint them off the car.










Thanks David for posting these pics for reference on the lower blackout.   I was just going to do a search on this topic and saw this thread

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