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Mustang door wiring harness sleeve

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My car does not have speakers in the doors. I am considering adding them. I was looking for options for a sleeve/boot for the wires to travel through and into the door. I see that a company,  lmr.com

offers a set for 79-83 Mustangs.  Has anyone used these with success?  Or, is there an aftermarket product produced for our years of Mustangs?

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I believe David (Carolina Mountain Mustangs) came up with something a few years ago, you might search for them with him as the author.



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No I did not find a replacement. I do have several cars with door speakers two with AM / 8 track and three with AM/FM. I did buy the Ford service kit to add the speakers years ago they are NOS. I think I posted the instructions in the box showing the wire routing and template for the door speakers. I also posted pictures of the holes in the A post and door with diameters of them. There are dimples where the holes go. The factory put the holes in with hole saw usually very sharp edges there. If you have power windows and door speakers that harness is difficult to locate. Good thing is a models are the same. The 1971 speaker grills only had one vertical bar in the center 72 & 73 have 3 vertical bars.
I suggest you check with Don and also Motor city Mustang and see if they have boots. If not check with Scotty Strickland in Buford, N.C. find him on Facebook and friend him. He has mustang junk yard.




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On 4/24/2021 at 2:52 PM, MikeGriese said:

I have a pair of used originals in very good condition if anyone is interested.

I'm interested. Mine were painted yellow at some time on one of the repaints. I'll send a PM

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I have ordered a set of door wire harness sleeves/bellows, from LMR.com

They are for a 79-84 Mustang. I will post dimensions when I receive them. 

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3 hours ago, Carolina_Mountain_Mustangs said:

Soak them in lacquer thinner will remove the paint.


I hope this doesn't refer to the wires.  Never, ever, soak wires in any solution: solvent, water, bleach, whatever.  It will get into the copper strands and corrode them to the point of not working. 

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Here is my update. I received the rubber sleeves from LMR.com, and did a trial fit into a piece of sheet metal. They appear as if they will do the trick. Numbers on the blue masking tape are the hole sizes.  Mounting surface to surface is approximately 5.5"


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