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8 Track player dimensions

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My 71 has not had any form of a radio in it as long as I have had the car.

I would like to install a ford 8 track player. It would be retrofitted before the install.  Could someone provide the dimensions of the black face piece on the front of the 8 track player, from top to bottom, left to right, and the center to center dimension of the volume and tuning knobs.

The measurements I have on my bezel opening are. Top to bottom 2 7/16" (this is after removing existing material on a non 8 track bezel)    Left to right  4 1/8'   Center to center on knobs 5 7/8

I have located a couple of Ford 8 track players. The dimension on those are Top to bottom 3", Left to right 4.5", center to center on knobs 5.75"  If this is the correct dimension, the black face plate of the 8 track player would flush up to the back of the bezel, and not sit inside of the opening. Not sure if that is correct.

I don't need to have a mustang radio/8 track with the correct part number. However, I do want the radio/8 track to fit properly.




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The 1971 Mustang AM / 8 Track is a one year thing. The 71 actually says Mustang on the tape door. The bezel in the car can fit all of the available radios. The AM and AM/FM have a smaller opening in the bezel. The AM / 8 Track has the additional 3/8" or so cut out of the top of the opening. I have couple 8 track mustangs. There are stamped Ford part numbers in the radios and AM / 8 Tracks. Can get dimensions tomorrow but numbers on the radio case tell what they were made for. About $100 is good price for a working AM / 8 Track. You will need to do some work for sure.


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I appreciate the information and look forward to dimensions.  When the radio and player is installed does the black face plate of the radio/player slip into the bezel opening, and sit flush with the face of the bezel?

Or, does the black face plate of the radio/player rest flush with the back side of the bezel?

i am wondering if these 4.5” x 3” face plate players are for a model other than mustang 

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