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Expansion valve tape?

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Still trying to get my a/c working well.  I replaced all from firewall foward.  The cork tape that came with the kit, unsue where to use that.  Saw this on the site I bought my kit:  An 18" length of "Cork" Refrigerant tape, used to insulate the expansion valves sensing bulb once installed. Proper insulation of the sensing bulb is imperative to allow for the sensing bulb to sense tube temperature that dictates how much or how little refrigerant the expansion valve meters into the evaporator coil.

Where on the valve does this tape go?  On the top, is that the "bulb"



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The '71 Ford Shop Manual, for Mustangs, says the bulb is clamped to the outlet tube of the evaporator. No mention of insulating.

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Our mustangs use a block TX valve (as per your photo) , hence there is no sensing bulb clamped to the outlet of the evaporator. The block valve is internally equalized ensuring accurate flow without sensing bulbs or equalizing tubes. There is no need to cover the valve with the cork tape due to the valve being in the engine bay. You can cover the valve if you wish, as it will not be detrimental to a/c operation but it will attract dust. Please note that the valve will get very cold when the air conditioner is operating correctly. If the valve was inside the firewall it would be covered in cork tape to stop it dripping in the car.

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My 73 vert was 99% unmolested when I purchased it (1994).  The round external piece on the expansion valve had a red plastic cap that snapped on.  It had a piece of  insulation material inside the cap.

Unfortunately no pics.  The plastic cap split from age  so I never reinstalled anything over it.  The AC worked just fine as long as the refrigerant charge maintained pressure in the system.

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