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Dual point ignition upgrade?

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Hello forum, 

I had a slight problem with my 71/429cj not long ago. It was pertaining from the Mallory Unilite ignition system. Luckily I have my car running nicely again with a basic Pertronix I system.

I still have the original dual point distributor. (Not on the car atm). I have bought a Pertonix 1281DV system specifically for upgrading the original dual points. Are there any advantages over the basic system? Or the original dual points system. The engine sounds absolutely fine and healthy with the basic Pertronix I (non-dual pionts igniter)…..

What were the reasons/advantages by having a dual point system originally? We all all know it is a slightly more complicated system requiring a bit more maintainance.





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Actually, the dual point system should require less maintenance. The purpose of dual point, if I'm correct, is to make the dwell time more accurate over time by reducing the wear on the contact points. They are offset slightly so one set of points gets the arcing from opening/ breaking the circuit and the other set gets the arcing from closing, so both last longer. They also change the dwell time, since they're offset, but that's another issue than the maintenance standpoint. An electronic ignition, Pertronix, factory, etc., dispenses with points, so wear of the contact foot and arcing are eliminated. I'm not familiar with the Pertronix 1281DV, but can't imagine what advantage it would provide. At least, that's always been my understanding. Others can chime in and correct me if they want.

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They are both the same Pertronix 1 (1281) module. The DV version has a different adapter plate to fit the dual point breaker plate better.



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Shortly said: you could let the original dual point system dizzy in the box for originality purposes and stay with the single point dizzy with the Pertronix I you have in your car. My car was also a dual point dizzy car but that's how it is on my car, too. You would have no advantage to change it to the dual point other than that it is more original looking but then more service needed in future. 



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The day I picked up my 1973 Q code Mach 1 new I drove 2 miles to the interstate and opened it up. It would not do 120 so I took back to the Ford dealer and went in and complained. After the go a little crazy that I just ran the new car that fast we went back and talked to the parts manager. He got the service manager in and they decided to order a kit that Ford had to change the vacuum advance dual point to a centrifugal advance. So they ordered and then put it in after being tuned on one of the old distributor machines. It gained 5 mph and did the 120 mph. The vacuum advance is still there to index the distributor cap but the arm is cut off.
My son works at BMW and his first job there was taking the cars into the test room up on the rollers and for the X-6 he was on he would take them to 152 mph the first time they got cranked. Some of the problem cars might get a 100 or more miles on the test track so the reset the speedo back to zero.
If and engine is built right the only thing that has to break in is cam, lifters and rings which happens pretty quick. Should come from factory broke in.

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I swapped out the points dizzy for an OE style Duraspark distributor and ignition module along with an Accel Super Coil.  I used an adapter harness from NPD and wired it up according to the Mustang Steve directions and haven't looked back since.  The good thing about Duraspark over MSD (or other HEI-style dizzies) is that you can still fit the Ram Air air cleaners without any modification, as well as the parts are available at any parts stores, since Ford used Duraspark into the '90s.

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