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Interior Black Paint / Dye

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Trying to refresh my interior a bit this year and want to repaint my center console. Purchased the Interior Lacquer Charcoal Black Metallic 1967-1973 CJ's Part Number: LAC19 from CJ's and it is just to glossy. Has anyone found a product that matches color and sheen? I would call the interior more of a Satin Black. 

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I restore consoles and I get my paint from NPD and it is the SEM lacquer for the hard parts like the console. They have all the correct colors. I would wash off what you applied so that you do not fill in the grain in the plastic. Also do not spray too wet will also make more shine. If you want to give it a shot get some Matt Clear and see how that looks.
When I doe them I usually will not buy one that has been painted in the past too much work to strip and redo. You can strip the paint off the hard plastic parts with oven cleaner also. You cannot make any money restoring them even if you get $600 due to time and materials involved.

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Thanks for the lead. I will order some of that and try it. Luckily I sprayed the dye on a test interior piece I had lying around. The console itself is virgin.

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Got the new dye today from NPD. I also picked up dome oven cleaner to clean the console lid before paint.  I contacted a member that redid his console and installed a cup holder where the ashtray was. I ordered a cup holder and I'm going to try to do something similar. 

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I have used SEM Trim Black for many years when I built prototype air cleaner assemblies. After its 48 hour cure time, it is a very durable product for interior hard surfaces and is my go-to paint. I have also used Dupicolor Bumper and trim paint which seems to be a bit more flexible. 


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Just used the “oven cleaner” to realize my console lid has been replaced at some point as it appears to be ginger. Be careful with that shit. Works fast than expected.  


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