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Which key and lock set do I need on my 73?

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The key and lock situation on my car is something of a mess.  The trunk lock is missing.  I've always opened it with a flat screwdriver.  The ignition lock is broken from where somebody tried to steal the car.  I have no clue where the keys to the doors are.  And I don't even know if our cars have a key for the glove box.  :D

So, I figure its time to buy a full set and get everything straightened out.  I know there's some different date ranges that cover my 1973 car.  Is there a way to look at my existing lock cylinders and tell which set I need to buy?

And I feel like I've been down this path with my trunk lock in the past.  I ordered a lock for it about 15 years ago and never could figure out how its supposed to install.  Does anybody have some photos of that section goes together?  Maybe I was missing a part and that's why I could never make sense of it.

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They do sell sets the doors and ignition use same key trunk and glove box different. If you had protection package in 73 you also had a spare tire lock that was same as trunk.

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