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Replacement for D3VE-A2A heads (or size of valve guide)


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Hi All,

Can recommend replacement for D3VE-A2A heads? or tell me the exact size for valve guides. Could not find info that tells the size of valve guide.

I think I got worn valve guides. My idle vacuum when engine hot vibrates fast, but steadies at high RPM. I try to adjust my valves first, but I fear the guides are too worn out.

Thanks in advance!

Please move to correct section (under engines)...

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The valve guides are part of the head and not removable. You'll have three options, if the stem clearance is too much, have the guides reamed for valves with larger stems, have the guides knurled (creates little ridges which reduces the clearance), get bronze guides, which requires machining the heads and the guides installed.

1971 FORD MUSTANG 7.0L 429cid V8 Valve Guide | RockAuto



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