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steering wheel / pitman arm centering

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I had my steering box rebuilt last year. After reinstalling everything, I noticed the steering wheel is off center slightly. I have read other related posts on here and have rechecked things but still have one question.

Right now, steering wheel to shaft marks are aligned, rag joint is keyed and is centered with bolt where it should be pointing 12 oclock, pitman arm only goes on one way and was installed by rebuilder.

MY question relates to connecting the pitman arm to center link. I had the steering wheels pointed straight when I made the connection but is it possible that the pitman arm / center link connection is a few degrees off that would cause the steering wheel to be a few degrees off from center??

Am I correct in that there are just splines in that connection ( pitman arm/center link ) as opposed to a keyed connection? So, I could make an adjustment there.

I'm still going to have the overall alignment rechecked but wanted to start with this check.


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This is my thoughts on it. The pitman arm to the center link is a taper fit similar to a ball joint. If all else is correct and I assume the s/wheel was set at center when you assembled everything, then there are two thing to try or look at. 1, pull the s/wheel and re-center it there or 2, center the s/wheel and adjust the toe link adjusters. As you're doing an alignment, it can easily be done at that time.. I also have to assume that the sector shaft was checked to be centered before installation. 


 I learn something new every day!

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