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Distributor gear roll pin. Need some expert guidance.

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Wow!  That is unbelievable.  Yes, I believe these were stock valves.  When I bought the parts with these heads they were stated to be NOS Boss Heads.  But the fact that you lost #6 exhaust also is totally uncanny!

I have never seen a failure like this on any original Clevelands, and me and my brothers have had them since the 80s.  The fact that you had the same failure in the same cylinder is just crazy!


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Common problem, you take the factory Ford valves and bin them immediately. The guy who bought my old 71 dropped a valve, but he over revved it by going into the wrong gear. The block survived because it had factory cast pistons, not forged TRWs. These were also NAPA replacement multi-groove valves made by TRW.








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Well, I think I found the true source of the failure.  Into the confessional of stupidity I go my friends.

Today I noticed something a little off when looking at the engine and heads.  It appeared that the water jackets had quite a bit of rust in the heads.  When I looked closer I found that the drivers head gasket had been inverted, blocking the front side water flow.  This makes sense as the head likely got early hot, causing he exhaust valve to seize in the guide, this drawing the failure.

Why it did not happen sooner is beyond me!  The Machine shop feels that was the driver to my demise.  I feel really stupid because I have built enough engines to know to watch for details like that.  I must have been in a rush that day and made the error.  We will see if the head can be salvaged, or if I need to replace the one head.


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That sucks. But it is easy to do with our Clevelands.  I would say as long as the head isn't cracked or anything, you can replace the guide and seat and be OK.  Just be sure to replace those valves with good quality aftermarket valves. I went with Ferrea on mine. 

1971 Mach 1

408C Stroker - C4 w/3,000 stall - 8.8" Rear w/3.73's - Disc brakes all way around.



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