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Power Probe Tool recomendations

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Hey, I’m setting out to do a swap that will require electrical work and was wondering if any of you have had luck with those “power probe” like tools? They’re a bit pricy, so I was hoping for some recommendations from those who have the scars to back them up. Thanks, Steve.

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Multimeter or light probe?

If you go down the multimeter path may I suggest a Hioki.  A Hioki DT4256 is about $200 and is an excellent meter for that kind of money, measures AC & DC voltage & current, resistance, capacitance, frequency, checks diodes etc...  Fluke used to be my go-to Digital Multi Meter, but not anymore.  For what Fluke charges for a meter made in China you can get a Hioki that has a better display (will display magnitude and frequency at the same time), comes with nicer leads and is of the same quality as Fluke, if not better, plus it is made in Japan.

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Probe. I have an older Craftsman that works for me. I want to buy the probe type so I can engage items with the power at the probe. Seems like a necessary tool for rewiring an older vehicle. I’ve done in, like a few decades ago, without one, but I remember moments it would have been handy. But the prices, capabilities, etc are so varied, I’m not sure what is a good product. I’m not going to make a living using this tool, so it doesn’t have to be top of the line. Also not looking for a harbor freight tool either, although I have plenty.

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