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I don’t want to get kicked off this forum . . .

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But, does anyone have pictures/experience with a hood scoop that isn’t a NASA hood? I’m looking for options and want to see scoops that look they could have been original; not looking for tunnel-ram and tall stuff like that. I’m not trying to insult anyone. Better if it’s not a Mach 1.

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How about the 69 and 70 mustangs? 

And I had a 72 comet/maverick mashup car that had a factory hood scoop.  Those came with their own "nostril" type of scoops as well as one larger one in the middle.

Hood Scoop Of The Week: 1971-72 Ford Maverick Grabber | Ford maverick, Ford  racing, Ford

raymond's 1971 Ford Maverick - Holley My Garage

I just saw a 1969 Mustang Fastback fly past on the motorway in the UK!  Beautifully restored and maintained with some awesome wheels and small but  tasty wing. I think it was


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The NASA hood is my favorite, but I also  like the Plymouth hood from the 73 roadrunner/Satellite Sebring Plus, the Boss 429 hood (wouldn’t look so large on our hoods I think), or that of a 69 XR7, which seems to split the difference between the small and big black 69/70 Mustang hood. 

Also love a C2 Vette big block hood.  Also seen on Camaros. 









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I like the '58 to '64 Thunderbird hood scoops. Here's a '58:


Here's a '63




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I think if I was going to do something with a flat hood, I'd go for the '70-'72 Plymouth air grabber hood scoop. I always thought they were kind of cool.


Mopar Air Grabber scoop Road Runner Plymouth

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Posted (edited)

My car came with a Boss 302 429 scoop (and stripes) that the PO put on. I don't like it personally, but it doesn't look awful I guess. Would much rather have a NACA hood, but that's just not a priority yet with the build.

On the other hand, I probably *could* fit a blower under the hood with a little bit of modification.


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Plain Jane | 1971 F Code Coupe 302/C4 Automatic

Goin' to Town Rig | 1971 F100 Ranger XLT LWB 390FE/C6 Automatic

Commuter | 2018 Tesla Model 3 Midrange RWD

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Mine came with the standard hood with a small (not functional) scoop. I actually like the flat hood and sort of like the way the scoop looked. But the hood was beat up and someone gave me a new NASA hood so I ended up switching. I still have the hood and might go body work it at some point to see if I like it better. Here's some old pics of it. 




 image.png.c5a82cdc270542869e213815ec368140.png   72 Fastback - 351C-4V, Fitech EFI, T56 Magnum 6 Speed, FiTech EFI, 8.8 / 4.10 LSD Rear end, discs all around. Fancy rattle can paint job. 

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How about this. The reverse scoop was added for race homologation. Was not functional on the road cars as it did not feed directly into the air filter but there was a vary large hole in the bonnet under it..

1978 Ford XC Falcon Cobra - Build 140 / 400 - 5.8 litre (SOLD) - Australian  Muscle Car Sales

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@TheDude I like the mini scoop on that flat hood.

To me, and I mean here in general, no matter the shape you go for. I really do not see the point on having a scoop that does not work.
I mean, to make/do it right, there is lots of metal works involved, so ending up with a thing that just adds drag, would not cut it for me.
On the other hand a custom one that does work.... wow! ;)

73 modified Grande 351C. (Finally back on the road woohoo!) 

71 429CJ. ( In progress )

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