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Milestone: Drove first time today after waiting (almost) 2 years

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Congratulations on the first... drive! What wheels and tires are on the car now? 

[align=left]Jeff T.


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This is a great accomplishment, enjoy!



1971 M-Code Mach 1 w/Ram Air, 408 stroker, 285/291 0.558" roller cam, Blue Thunder intake, TKO600, Hooker headers with electric cut-offs, FiTech EFI w/ RobBMC PowerSurge pump

Strange center section with Truetrac, 3.5 gear and 31 spline axles, 4-wheel disc brakes

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Every time I drive a bit, it's something new.  Drove about 5 miles to drop the car off for a new lid (convertible top) and I noticed when I was stopped at a red light for a long time, the oil pressure gauge s-l-o-w-l-y drops, drops, drops until the red stop light changes then on acceleration it's back to roughly mid-point on the gauge.  Until the next long red light.

It won't be until I get the car back from the upholstery shop that I can check, but what should I look for?  Idle rpm in gear while stopped with no a/c running is a solid 750-800.

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You probably do not want to put too much faith in the factory gauge. If you could actually hook up a gauge to the oil system so you can see a real pressure would be better. Your idle speed should be fine. My factory gauges go up and down and seem to be different every time I drive.
What oil are you running? Maybe go to a 10 W 50 or if you are at 10 W 30 go to 10 W 40.
If you pull the valve cover how does the oiling look come to rockers?

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Omg, I'm so glad you said this:  "My factory gauges go up and down and seem to be different every time I drive."  Seems to be true!

Nonetheless, yes, a real gauge would be better.  I'm currently running 10w30 and not sure if it makes a diff, but our summer temps are hitting 110++. 

In any case, car will be at the shop for top replacement for a few weeks and all in-car diagnostics will have to wait.

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Got the car back late yesterday afternoon from having the top replaced.  He did an excellent job - so tight and tidy.  Painted the underframe, all new tack strips, put in new weatherstripping, nice new rear window -- AND detailed the interior!  I'm love all over again.  It's still 100+ degrees in the afternoon here so waited until this morning for a cruise around.  Got 10 gal of gas and headed to Sonic for drinks, then home.  Perhaps 20 mile round trip.  The error summary:

  • (new) Gas tank leaks at about the 3/4 mark (I expect its about where the filler pipe meets the tank?)
  • Differential leaks a bit (and that oil is *black*; needs a change)
  • Transmission leaked from where I shifted into reverse and backed down our 80' driveway

Next trip will be back to the shop for these issues and a few others out of my scope.  Nevertheless,

===> the 20 mile drive was awesome <===

2021 09 04 New top.jpg

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The filler neck seal may have been installed backwards. If so, it will leak, guess how I know.  Chuck

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