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Pair of 1973 Mustang Fastback Front Fenders---used---but are in real good shape

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Currently listed on Ebay......lots of flaky buyers......

A pair of used fenders (Driver and Passenger) for a 1973 Ford Mustang. These came off my 1973 Mustang Mach 1 (replaced with new metal and I should have kept these). The insides are painted black with some undercoating to protect against rust and corrosion---outsides were primered when I got the car.....there is some surface rust and it looks like to over-spray that will need to be sanded, conditioned and ready for paint and install. I do have a set of front moldings and side marker lights and bezels I can include for an additional $50....they are in good condition.

Located in Grand Prairie, Texas (Dallas area)....free local pick-up, however, I20210529_153003.thumb.jpg.5668cc5bc7aa500de8c726925a13e488.jpg20210529_153026.thumb.jpg.b93efad5a21d29c7745918f22074966a.jpg20210529_153036.thumb.jpg.a583ff4f8fbf341f558699adcfbdb7d4.jpg20210529_153350.thumb.jpg.ba867706d42f3a08440a742a41db80f6.jpg20210529_153357.thumb.jpg.ee2ec4cb803597c81c74537ebcfe9e3e.jpg20210529_153407.thumb.jpg.f394c1d4a2b42ee0f34af568910ef3ee.jpg20210529_153421.thumb.jpg.dab2703452bd84b945c305a9148a1929.jpg20210529_153430.thumb.jpg.e8d26d984da9a228cb40199cf92717ef.jpg20210529_153633.thumb.jpg.b5c31159fdb65c712fc055e37545440b.jpg can ship...but it is expensive....looking to get $300-$400 for the set....






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  • arursini changed the title to Pair of 1973 Mustang Fastback Front Fenders---used---but are in real good shape
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Sold......with a set of 73 Fastback doors and a Ram Air Hood....

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