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1.08 or 1.12 autolite

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Still searching for a 4 barrel for my 302. Plenty of 1.12 carbs out there but not many 1.08’s and the ones that are folks want close to $500 for them. 

My question is has anyone successfully run the larger 1.12 on a stock 302 2V? I see there is Venturi restricting rings available, not sure if that is the way to go. 

480 vs 600 CFM…. I’d rather be at 480


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The 1.12 was used on the 289/271 HP HiPo. It had more compassion bigger cam and better exhaust manifolds. However the calibration of the 1.12 used on 390s and early non-CJ 428s would be different. There are very few parts available to re-calibrate with (Mike's Carbs has some as well as kits). Kits also available from Wagner. Given the stock rebuild you plan to do, I'd try to find a good 1.08 carb. Check for choke style compatibility with what you intend to use. Or you could just use the stock intake and 2100 carb you have.


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There's a good chance that buying a carburetor that was last built in 1967 will be well worn and need extensive work, including having throttle shaft bushings installed.

In the long run a new Summit carburetor will cost less. The Summit carburetor also looks like a 4100, so appears period correct, and you have a choice of sizes.



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I ordered a rebuild kit from Mike for my 73 Q code. I had put everything in and was going to put the carb together and the gaskets were not spreadbore. When I contacted him he said I did not tell him which carb I had. There was only one and he would not make the kit good. Will never go back there. I had to go to NAPA and buy whole kit just to get the gaskets.


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Posted (edited)

So, I purchased a 1.12 4100 carb that is very clean for $125. The Venturi restrictors are $24. I’ll use the primary jets from my 2100 to get it useable on a 302.  Secondaries will take some tuning. All in, even if I have to buy a rebuild kit, will be less than $200. 90% sure the throttle shafts will not need a re-bush. Choke style is correct for the 1972 setup I currently have. 

What I didn’t consider is if the stock air cleaner will fit over the carb… Hoping so. Thanks for the help and advice everyone.


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