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Passenger Door, electric window pigtail, Extra Wire ?

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Below are two photographs of the passenger's door electrical window pigtail.  When I took the panel off, I found the yellow wire in the photo taped to the back of the pigtail it was not connected.  The yellow wire is however a part of the harness and is molded in.  I had problems with 'all' of the windows and have found other electrical problems that have I have corrected.  I have numbered the slots in the pigtail to help you explain if it does in fact go back into this pigtail, as there are times that wires are not used in certain circumstances.  With that said, I believe it goes into slot 5, but before I fry the system, I wanted to ask to be sure.

Thank you and Happy Father's Day

Pass Window Pigtail 1.jpg

Pass Window Pigtail 2.jpg


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You can look at the quarter window connectors, they use the same switch part# and will be wired the same, but I believe you are correct.

Yellow with Black stripe functions a directional ground wire from the individual switches and as a direction power feed from the master switch. The system changes polarity to the motors through the switches. In one direction, the Y/BK is the ground, the other uses the R/BK, power is fed through the safety switch to the R/LB wire to all remotes. From the master, the Y/BK will be power and R/BK ground, and then the reverse to change direction. I'm guessing your PS window only worked in one direction from the master control switch, but was fine using the switch on the door? 




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You are correct, I will move to the quarters and see if it is correct.  If so, I'll send a picture for others.


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I don't have a good picture of the back, but here is a pic of my passenger side door harness on my 73 convertible with P/W. It does look like the yellow wire with the black stripe is connected to #5 as you suggest. Note the single female plug with black wire and gold hash marks is for automatic door locks found on a cougar. These harnesses were also used on cougars with power windows and door locks.



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Thank you for the complete layout before i rip it out of the door. For those interested, here is the back of the rear quarter switch which i took out today and according is the same as the other single switches.

thank you to all



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