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Pump to carb - fuel line question

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Just finishing up a build and I'm wondering if anyone can tell me exactly how the fuel line was attached to the carb from the factory? Pics would be great too. Right now we've just fitted some hose with clamps - but it does't feel like the right solution. 

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From your user name, I guess you have a 429 ( you ought to go and finish your profile).

I really can't help on that engine, but here is what I did for my 351C with a Holley 4150 carb. You might be able to do something similar, adapting as necessary. Also, I do not have A/C, but I do have a PS pump to work around. Keep it at least 1" from the block, very important.

I use 3/8" steel fuel line bought from the auto parts store. TIP; buy a couple, you likely will screw one up. Whatever you decide to do, please, NEVER use gear clamps for connecting rubber hose, always proper fuel line clamps. These can be bought from most auto stores, Vendors or Harbor Freight. 

fuel line 2.JPG

fuel line 3.JPG

fuel line1.JPG


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Added pic of tube bender.


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If you have the factory hard line from the fuel pump the last 2 inches were fitted with a rubber hose piece and two fuel hose clamps to the filter of the carb. With all the pictures on the i-net it is difficult to see with air filter housing attached. 

Here are two how it is meant to be: 



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What is that section of hose at the fuel pump? Your fuel line going to the carb doesnt connect directly to the pump??

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