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Does anyone have a copy of Mustang Monthly Magazine issue 02 from 2013?

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You're about a month too late. I just dumped 10 years worth in the recycle bin. I did keep a few that were relevant to the 71's. Also I had offered them on the forum to anyone wanting copies, but no takers. 

If you are unable to find a copy here, I have a friend who has almost every copy since the early 80's, I'm pretty sure he'll have that copy that I could scan. Let me know.


 I learn something new every day!

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7 hours ago, midlife said:

Are you asking about the 2013 Feb edition or Volume 13, Feb?  I have the 2013 (volume 36) but not the earlier one.

I'm not sure, there was an article about motor mounts in one of them I was hoping to get a copy of

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This is probably the Mustang Monthly article you're looking for, but typical of Mustang 360, it's missing vital info


If you can't find a good set of 73 convertible mounts, there is an option to have them rebuilt. 




edit - found a PDF of the article


How To Identify And Choose Engine Mounts.pdf



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