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1965 K-code Mustang Repair

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Dude, that is amazing. Well done. That guy should be very appreciative. 

One minor question; is he planning to leave the epoxy primer alone in the engine compartment?  I ask because I have noticed that over time that finish becomes chalky and a little brittle. My car has it all over the place; I didn’t leave it exposed on the outer panels long before paint because I knew it breaks down under UV, but I noticed in other areas not exposed to light (floorboards) it seemed to still age a little weird... so I tend to recommend (though as someone far inferior to your skills) a topcoat in the engine compartment. Of course that could just have been the particular formula on my car. 




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Thanks Guys.  Not getting too much done last couple days....been working a bunch of OT at work and still have to work more OT this weekend.  So when I get an open chance to hit the garage, I go.  I did start cleaning and prepping the motor for a quick paint touch up. Nothing fancy. Hopefully have that finished up tonight or tomorrow. 

As far as the epoxy primer, my buddy used it in his car and its held up really nicely over the years.  But yes, if it is exposed to UV light it can fade and get that chalky look, but being that its under the hood, there should be little to no UV light exposure.  Epoxy primer is also pretty much nonporous unlike normal primer. And it holds up fairly decent to chemicals.  My buddy said when his gets dirty or anything he wipes it down with a cloth and a little bit of mineral spirits and it looks new again.  When i do my car this winter I will be doing the exact same thing.  Way more durable then anything out of a rattle can and the sheen is almost perfect.  

1971 Mach 1

408C Stroker - C4 w/3,000 stall - 8.8" Rear w/3.73's - Disc brakes all way around.



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