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Door Watershield Installation- Glue? Caulk?

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One of my winter '20-'21 projects is to get my new re-pop door panels installed. The original watershield on my driver's door is gone and the passenger one is in bad shape so I got some repro ones.

What have others used to stick these to the inner door? Looks like the originals were stuck on with black strip caulk or some type of non-hardening rubber or urethane sealant.

Anybody care to recommend a product?


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I believe most use the 3M strip caulk thats sold in a number of places, auto and hardware related. Trouble is, you get so much of it when you buy it and only need a little for the doors.

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I have a roll of black strip caulk and I put it everywhere to seal anything :biggrin:

It was used for the door watershields, too :thumb:



Never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly :runninpony:

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