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factory versus aftermarket a/c comparisons?

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I kept the factory on mine and use the Canadian refrigerant Duracool 12a. It is way better than R-12 or R-134. Here is link to their site. https://www.duracool.com/ecom/shoppingcart.html
Buy it straight from them it is way cheaper. One can will start the system cooling. I also used their lubricant with leak marker in it.
I just cleaned out the system, had dash out and replaced heater core and foam in the heater box. Replaced the filter dryer and of course all the O-rings. You can take the evaporator and condenser to AC shop and have them wash out and check while you have it apart.
I did develop a leak while the car sat during Covid that I need to locate. Before I filled the system I pulled vacuum on it and ate lunch and did not leak down. I did put a new seal on the compressor shaft behind the clutch. Quite complicated seal to retain the refrigerant. I did not rebuild the compressor.
I do not really like AC. When I got my car new I pulled the belt off the AC the day I got it new.
Keeping your car original will also add value to it. Hey if they have worked 50 years must have been pretty good system.

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