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Buying repro transmission cooling lines ??

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I have my motor and C6 out and the current transmission cooling lines are a mess, they are smushed, twisted, and have sections that were replaced with rubber hose..

I want to make them better, am looking at "Classic Tube" replacement lines.  Anyone have any experience with them?

as the car is a 73 coupe, and the C6 and 429 are from a 70 Torino I'm having issues there as well.  The lines they have for a 1973 mustang, C6 look correct when compared to my current mess.  

Classic tubes does not have images up but CJ Pony Parts does, any experience with them?

Summit also has them, 


 Non of the suppliers listed in the classifieds show them.

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1971 Mustang with 429 CJ and C6 should fit. Classic Tube has always fit well on my cars. CJ Pony Parts are "problematic. Chuck

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If you decide to make your own you might want to take a look at cupronickel tubing, easier to work with than coated steel or stainless steel and will never rust.

Copper Nickel (Cupronickel) Tubing Kits – TheStopShopParts



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28 minutes ago, c9zx said:

1971 Mustang with 429 CJ and C6 should fit. Classic Tube has always fit well on my cars. CJ Pony Parts are "problematic. Chuck

Ya I heard that about them, 

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I bought the classic tube ones for a 351c/FMX. they fit reasonably well. Easy to put in with the radiator out.

Black 1971 Mach 1

351C/FMX/TrickFlow Heads/Lunati Retro Roller Conversion

Classic Auto AC, Manual Front Discs, Upgraded Springs/Shocks/Close-Ratio Steering



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Back in the mid 90's I donated my late build (June 1973) 73 convertible original 351C / C6 transmission lines to Classic Tube when I found their initial stainless steel lines did not match the original configuration.  They said they would hang them in their template room.

Classic Tube is located here in WNY.  They adjusted in the incorrect lines to match the original.  The bend at the transmission end was wrong.  My original lines used a brass fitting for the 90 deg bend.  The SS bend was too large of an arc and rubbed against the the tunnel.

The biggest issue I hear is for those who require shipping, they fold the lines to fit a  box for shipping and you need to carefully unfold them.

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I myself would put a stand alone cooler on the transmission. The radiator is hot to start with and does not really cool that much. A stand alone with fan will take the transmission heat out of the radiator and will keep your transmission much cooler and last longer. I use a Hayden with fan on my 73 vert. I made brackets that used existing holes in the radiator support and grill support so no drilling. There is very little pressure on the cooler lines just flowing through no restrictions so rubber hose made for transmission is fine. I used fuel injection hose clamps to not have the sorry toothed clamps. Works great the exit hose is barely warm. I put a toggle switch on the fan and only use if I know I am going to be in heavy stop and go traffic.
My 351 C is bored .050" over, flat top pistons, cam, holley 4-V, AC and you cannot make it get to the half way point on the temp gauge in 90 deg. plus stop and go traffic. Pics of the install. Don't cool your transmission with the radiator. There is a reason when you get a vehicle with trailer towing package they have external cooler for transmission they are way better. I order from Summit I think.










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