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1973 Mach 1 grille

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I have been looking at different grilles, some claim to be NOS, others are Goodmark, (lots of $$$) and average catalog ones, but I have heard some horror stories about the cheap catalog ones. Anybody want to share their experiences with a new 73 grille? Thanks!!

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Daniel Carpenter reproduces the grilles. I bought my 71 grill from Don @OMS and it was every bit as good as my original, but wasn't dried out 35 year old plastic (at the time). I recommend you get the grille with the stainless trim already installed. 


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Daniel Carpenter obtained the original Ford tooling for some of the 71 - 73 mustang grills but not sure which ones. They were shipped to Taiwan to run the parts. I think they polished the cavity side of the mold which is what shows in the front. The surface finish it smoother on the repo grills. You can blast the surface with walnut shells or a mix of walnut shells and glass beads to get similar finish to the original 73 grill. They were never painted and would be a PIA to spray the honey comb and have it come out even. I do not know why the member recommended you get new stainless. I polish mine myself and looks better than new. NPD also sells the nylon clips for the trim and I had zero issues when I put mine back together.
Another note on the finish on the grill. If you notice all of the ejector pins have been cut short and act as pullers to get the molded part out of the cavity. Old mold makers trick but the parts look crappy with all the round pieces sticking out the back side.
Couple pictures of some of the molds that Daniel's dad Dennis got from Ford that are original The hood ornament is 1951 and the tool still looks brand new. 1951 tail light and maybe 1954 tail light on the bottom shelf.



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Add pics.

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