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Clutch recommendation

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I am in the middle of a T5 swap using the late model T5 bellhousing, flywheel etc. I need to choose a clutch. 19733 vert 351c 350+ hp, street only, retaining zbar  (mdl pivot mod) 

I tend to be a bit hard on the clutch (I occasionally allow engine braking and have a hard foot, but nothing insane, just laziness combined with some less than stellar bad habits)

I obviously want a diaphragm style clutch, but beyond that I am open to suggestions

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Might consider Southbend clutch.  I had one in my 700+ Ft lb diesel and it put up a lot of abuse.  Great manners but a ton of holding power.  They make em for about everything.

https://www.southbendclutch.com/clutches/13211/  (note- this may not be the correct clutch for you.  If you go southbend I suggest calling them)

I have also had a Centerforce dual friction in a previous compact pickup.  The centerforce held up fine.  My only centerforce gripe is that I think the clutch finger weighs are weird- which really isn’t a legitimate gripe.

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I've had good luck using Exedy ceramic clutch in 2005-2017 GT Mustangs all are used hard by owners. They all have good street manners. They may offer a reduced weight one piece steel flywheel for 351C. Chuck

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