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Headlight harness relay upgrade

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I tried one of those off Amazon and it didn't work after I spent 2 hours fitting it. I eventually bought all the components from Bill at HipoParts.com and made my own harness to his diagrams. That way, I could cut the wires to the exact lengths I needed. 

I did do the LED headlight conversion and the results were well worth the extra expense, literally night and day difference. On top of that, my interior dash LED's are way brighter too, but I think you'd see that regardless of the headlight type with a relay. There was an entire thread on this recently.




 I learn something new every day!

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13 hours ago, midlife said:

Rocketman's relays at RCCI.  He's one of the forum's sponsor/vendors.  I can't speak highly enough of his work: top notch!

+1, if I were to buy the relay harness RCCI (Bob) would be the only one I would buy it from.



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