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U joints- determine what to buy

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This place is usually a bit cheaper than most if you want a complete new center section. https://www.quickperformance.com/Ford-9-Complete-Center-Section-Third-Member_p_36.html

Given that much movement you don't know the condition of other components, ring and pinion gears, bearings, side gears, etc.. If it is a Traction-Lok carrier there may be other bits needing to be changed.

If it is an open differential now would be the time to upgrade to a locking carrier. If you do change back to 3.25 gears, expect a modest decrease in acceleration. Depending what is damaged, and any upgrades, it could be as little as $450 or as much as $900 with upgrades. I'd try to find a local shop with a good reputation with local gear heads. Have them look at it and get an estimate to repair. That should help you make a decision on wether or not to buy a whole new center section. I hope the repair goes well. Chuck

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I did get two estimates today for a gear ratio change rebuild.  Both quoted me $2k ~ $2.5k.   A third call to a Mustang only shop was about the same, but he also told me that they used to buy complete third members but had consistently run  into quality issues.  They now send them out to a local shop for rebuilds.  He gave me their name, I'll call them on Monday.  But, it's sounding more like I'll be ordering online.

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Changing my u joints before I get my 3rd member back this week.  Measurements are matching up.  The rear joint caps are different, 2 are inside and 2 are outside, 1-1/16 and 1-1/8.

The bolts feel like their big enough the handle the 1-1/8 size.   My question is, do I need bolts sized for the smaller caps?  Or is 1/16 going to make any difference?

Also, does it even matter whether the two smaller caps have the inside clip groove or not?


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The caps have to match the yokes. IIRC, the 1 1/8" caps go into the pinion yoke, the 1 1/16" are on the driveshaft itself. 71-73s don't use the inside snap ring, that's just for part commonality with other applications. 



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