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figuring out my interior and carpet install

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Alright! man, what progress this has been...Ive been installing my interior a bit, then taking it apart, then installing again...keep in mind I did not have interior in when I got this car. I just installed the carpet and I had a couple questions. 

Mainly around the area where it comes up and over the rocker into the sil plate area. I dont have the cardboard pieces but was thinking about making some of finding something to work. Anyone have any ideas? Secondly, do those pieces help pull the carpet tight around that area? it seems the 90 degree upwards before going over the pinch weld lip just kind of bulges out a bit. (The area where you bolt your seatbelt to) I was thinking about spraying some adhesive just to hold it in place and have it be a little more better looking. Besides that, it looks pretty good and tight. 

Another thought, where the small c pillar molding? the part that is placed at the front of the sail panel, is it possible that i may have to drill through that sail panel so that mounting screw goes through and makes contact with the metal part its meant to? seems like my sail panel is a bit long. 

I am also just open to anyone to post as many pictures of their interior as they want haha! fold down seats are a bonus. 


for now ill keep on rocking and figuring it out along the way. Thanks for all the help!~


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Hello Trevino,

Great questions.  I have been there.

Sail panel.  I had the same problem, and yes I did have to work it to get that screw in,  not sure if I trimmed the sail, or drilled through it.  Thank goodness for black interiors.  The headliner shadows all the little imperfections.

On the sill plate area, I used my original cardboard as a template and reproduced the shape with foam core board from Hobby lobby..  it is a light weight material that won’t suck up moisture like the cardboard.  It worked out nice!

On your front bumper,  it looks great!  As you know, I am having paint crack problems with mine.  I suggest fastening it to the crash bar before painting to see if that stains it.  If you can I suggest painting it while bolted to the crash bar.  Mask the crash bar well as we know paint only covers and adheres to areas we don’t want it on.



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