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Door handle rubber insulator

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Hello Omie01,  
The rubber bumper on the door latch control was not serviced separately and was never assigned a part number. I would try the rubber bumper on the glove box door as Chuck suggested. If it fits or needs to be shaved or massaged a little, then you could order the ones listed in the link. You might check and see if there is a minimum order. I used Virginia Classic Mustang for the owner's toy box full of Mustangs at work and always received excellent service. I believe Don (Ohio Mustang Supply) also sells these. You might want to go ahead and make a "While I'm there, I might as well" list since shipping charges on such a small part will be more than the part. That way, you'll have an excuse to order more "stuff."   :biggrin:



No Officer...I really don't know how fast I was going, my speedometer stopped at 140!

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I did find a good replacement for this piece. Found these in Mcmaster-Carr catalog. The only problem is I had to buy 50 of them. If anybody is interested in replacing theirs let me know. I am willing to part with the rest of them. I will ask $5 for 3 pcs. Just to cover postage stamp, envelope and time. I'm offering 3 in case one gets mucked up trying to install.



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