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Antenna Removal

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I figured I would post here before I end up accidentally damaging anything. I have been tossing around the idea of doing an antenna delete because I dont like the huge antenna that is on the car. It has the AM antenna and you can pull out 2 extensions in it and it makes it super long. The problem is that its the tallest thing on the car, and I put a 4 post in my garage and the antenna is getting close to the ceiling. So I was curious if its possible to remove the aerial part of the antenna and put something shorter on, or if I need to remove the whole assembly and just replace it/delete it. 

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The antenna is permanently fix at the base.   I would purchase a standard short am antenna from the internet or one of the car parts sites or store and use that.   Your current antenna is most likely held in place by 4 screws under the chrome plate.  You can remove the glovebox and get easy access to the antenna cable.   If you go to replace it I would tie a string to my old one out at the fender and then cut it at the base.   Use the string to tie to the new one to help fish it through the fender and into the car as you pull the old one out.   Not that hard to do.


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If it is an OEM antenna you will just have to replace it. The fixed '73 is even taller.  Getting the complex angle for base of an aftermarket antenna could be a challenge. I found this, https://www.cjponyparts.com/scott-drake-radio-antenna-billet-8-with-rectangle-base-1968-1973/p/ANT26/ They say it works but I can't vouch for it. Beware, it is distributed by Scott Drake and sold by CJ Pony Parts, two of my least favorite sources. Chuck

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 Hello MKSpeedlab,
 I always hated the telescoping antenna on my 71's. When fully extended, it looked like something that belonged on a CB radio-equipped car. Over time water would work its way into the mast and cause poor reception. Some stations you couldn't pick up even if you were sitting outside their front door! They also were a favorite target of parking lot vandals.
 Since radios were not standard on our cars, the fenders did not have a factory pre-punched antenna hole. The shop tec drilled those during the PDI (Pre Delivery Inspection) process. Unless they saved the antenna template from the factory radio kit, they didn't always go in the correct location, and the drilled holes were not always pretty!
 If equipped with the correct antenna, '71s would have a telescoping antenna, '72s a telescoping and fixed mast. (During 1972 production, Ford phased the '73 style fixed mast antenna into production) and for '73s, a fixed non-removable mast.
 If not concerned about being concourse correct, a detachable mast antenna (Like on the Fox Mustangs) is available. It is perfect for those who cover their cars and don't want to cut an antenna hole or find one with an antenna pocket. It would be the ideal fix for someone like yourself with a lift and tight ceiling space. It would also eliminate the need to delete your antenna and the related fender repair.
 Don @ Ohio Mustang Supply sells this type of product. He is a forum member/vendor here and knows these cars as well as anyone. Give him a call or check his online store. https://www.ohiomustang.com/store/order_page.asp?itemid=1841

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