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The International mustang show (Boise Idaho)


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The international show was today. Man...... what a show for mustangs......wow. Couple of times I about peed myself :-)  Several 71-73 stangs there, along with 1964 1/2 to 2021. 

I know the treasure valley club estimated 500 cars. Not sure the official count. I took a couple of pics from afar ( maybe you can zoom in ?) it was a sea of cars and


people. 37718900_mustangshow1.jpg.9dfbe32dbffa464799bb50e1701f496a.jpg. Couldn't possibly get all the cars in the pics along with thousands and thousands of people. I forgot to mention that Ford motor company was there from detroit passing out cobra posters.  Was a fun time and I needed that after my wifes passing. 

mustang show 2.jpg

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I spent the day there as well.  I second Machattack's comments.  It was a great day and turnout.  It felt like the good old pre-Covid days for sure!

With two Boss 351's, two verts and one Mach1 there were five 71/73 models at the show.  I did not bring my '73.

Unfortunately the dilemma for me with car shows is that I'd much rather spend the day roaming around looking at all the cars than hanging out close to mine and mostly babysitting and talking about my car the whole day.  I really enjoy learning about other people's cars and hearing their stories.

"The biggest argument against democracy is a five minute discussion with the average voter."
-Winston Churchill
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I wanted to add this you tube video of the show. For some reason this feller seemed to like the new roush stangs more or at least he gave them more film time ? 


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