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1971 Mustang Grande Alternator Bolts and Washer ?


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Hi All,


I took my old Motorcraft Alternator off some months back and got sidetracked installing Radiator and working on other projects.


Anyway I have a new or rebuilt Motorcraft Alternator and new bolts or hardware, but I am not sure which bolt gets the Lock Washer.

Does the Long Through Bolt or the Short Adjustable Bolt get the Lock Washer ?

The short bolt does have serrated edges for grabbing, so I am thinking the lock washer probably goes up top on the long through bolt for more grab surface area.

Sorry for the this kind of question, but want to get it right so the serpentine belt doesn't slip after the installation and most of pictures and diagrams I found on the internet do not show a washer up top with the through bolt either, they show only the bolt itself feeding through the bracket, alternator and block extension, which further confused me.


Thank you kindly,


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Here's a picture of the bolt set.


The lock washer belongs to the long bolt.

Cheers Frank 

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@midlifeThat is exactly what I thought on the 1st installation that the Lock Washer belonged on the Short Bolt for more Grabbing power and surface area, until I started to question myself after looking back at the original nuts and bolts, the original 50y old hardware where I could see the markings of where it was coupled together.  The factory long bolt had exact diameter markings for the matching lock washer and in both cases (old and new) the shorter bolts have serrated edges for grabbing power without any additional lock nut or washer.

So I tried the installation again putting the Lock Washer on the Long Bolt and it worked better, primarily because the new replacement bolt was actually 1/4" or so longer than the Factory Bolt, meaning with the Lower Bolt loosened just a smidgeon, you could clearly see the top bolt was too long even fully Tightened into the Block Hole with the Block Spacer in place, to really secure the Top of the Alternator properly.  The Lock Washer gave it that extra needed 1/4 inch or at least that was my assessment regarding.

In truth I started the car with both configurations and it worked fine, so even if I got it wrong, probably wouldn't have been an issue.

@Vicus I think you are correct that the Long Bolt gets the Lock Washer.

Thank you gentlemen for your Help !

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