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How to make a edelbrock fit on a 351 c 4v

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Tried to install my new Edelbrock 1405 carburetor today on my 351 c 4v, the old one was a autolite 4300 D. As you can see on pics the different, the new one has much smaller bores and old intake manifoild much bigger! Have i get wrong carb? do i have to buy intake manifold too? or is there other solutions? 



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Not sure if it's the wrong carb, but seems like a spacer / adapter ought to let you at least get it on there. Not sure if there will be other issues with airflow, but it should at least let you get it installed I'd think.  Maybe something like this https://www.amazon.com/Mr-Gasket-4-Barrel-Carburetor-Adapter/dp/B00068OS2M

 image.png.c5a82cdc270542869e213815ec368140.png   72 Fastback - 351C-4V, Fitech EFI, T56 Magnum 6 Speed, FiTech EFI, 8.8 / 4.10 LSD Rear end, discs all around. Fancy rattle can paint job. 

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I just went through the exact same thing. I could not find an adapter that would work.

I ended up replacing the intake manifold with an Edelbrock Performer 4V.

You can read about my experience here:



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Only the Q codes have this problem, with a spread bore 4300D carburetor, the M codes have a square bore. There is an adapter that will work, but if you have ram air it places the carburetor too high.

Trans-Dapt Performance Products 2199 Trans-Dapt Performance Carburetor Adapters | Summit Racing



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