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Time to Finish the Interior Properly…

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In ‘71, the rear seat belts (all four pieces)on my Vert came up from the rear of the seat, therefore, no cut indentation’s in the actual rear side interior panels as seen on later years.

Additionally, the 71 Vert’s did not come with the rear passenger side ashtray unless you upgraded to an interior optioned package… 

So finding exact replacement interior rear panels for my car was a challenge… Initially, after searching for nearly three years, I was unable to locate factory original replacements that were in near NOS condition, so I restored the originals in my car c/w the speaker covers. 

Then one day on ehay, I came across a set that had been pulled out of a car 30 years ago and stored… Buy it now price: $200 including shipping… I live in Canada and the seller honoured the shipping inclusion (which in my estimation would have cost at least $100, if not more due to the package size). Great score IMO. The only down side was that they are vermillion and I will have to unfortunately redo them in white. 

I have now pulled the originals and will now start the process of changing over to these exceptionally nice and rare… 71 only interior rear panels. Other then still having to change out the “BELTS” light on the dash (another rare and near NOS piece I was able to acquire a couple years ago), this changeover will complete the interior restoration of the car.

It’s a bit of work as you have to install a new windlace piece in matching colour and the top window chrome/felt piece. These were stapled into place at the factory and I ensure the staples are reused on the new panels. PIA, but must be done.

I’ll update this if anyone is interested when I am finished the switchover.




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"Yes dear", has kept me in the hobby a long time...

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1 hour ago, MikeGriese said:

I am interested - I am faced with the same situation.  My original '71 white interior quarters are heavily UV damaged.  I am hoping (dreaming) of finding NOS, but will probably have to send them off to Just Dashes for refinishing. 

I’ll keep an eye open for you too. Do have the exact same as mine or with the ash tray?

"Yes dear", has kept me in the hobby a long time...

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Finished the refurbishing and reinstalling on the 71 Standard Interior (Base) Convertible rear seat side panels. Faux speakers covers are gone and the interior is now back to factory appearance. A bit of delicate work, I changed over the new (at the time) side panel wind lace and the new top window felt piece (I even reused the original staples from the factory so the appearance is correct). I installed new (3 pcs. On each panel) tonneau cover buckle snaps as well. A nice job to finally have completed and I can now enjoy looking in the back seat area…



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"Yes dear", has kept me in the hobby a long time...

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