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1971 Mustang 351c 2v Power Steering Pump Removal Replacement

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Is there a PDF or Video regarding the procedure to Remove Power Steering Pump on a 1971 Mustang Grande 351 Cleveland ?

Can you just remove the Pulley with a Puller (maybe from NPD) and then the Pump w/ 3 Bolts both Hoses and leave the Bracket in with the fixed Long Bolt or does the whole entire assembly need to be removed ?

I ordered a rebuilt Cardone and was also wondering if I am likely to run into Fitting or Connector problem since seen other guys go through several installation iterations before finally acquiring the right pump.

Just got done with refurbished Ford Water Pump, Carter Fuel Pump and put everything back together and was working on Transmission Coolant Lines and next up new ACP Brass Copper 3-row Radiator and thought to myself, wow this Power Steering Pump leaks quite a bit while I am down here and looks pretty old and dented up...But then again I've read or heard even the rebuilts tend to leak unless you get a new Borgeson and then they don't fit or line up correctly with the existing pulleys and stand out...

Any advice from those whom have already divided and conquered the Power Steering Pump dealio ?

I am honestly pretty set on just removing the old one and replacing it with the Cardone, just need the basic recommended Steps to do so, since the video I watched looked more like a Horror Story, anything but reasonably easy...

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Yep, the same.  If you have factory air, you can move the compressor to the side to pull the pump out.  If not, no worries.  If you are replacing it with an aftermarket or GM style, the bracket may be in the way.  I have the stock setup on mine with a/c.  I've gazed longingly at those serpentine systems.  Gotta save......  The water pump runs off that belt if you have a 351C.

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