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Price is Right 50th Anniversary


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2 hours ago, machattack said:

Well put! Im also known as the neighborhood mustang guy. Had a neighbour last week come by and say.........Per neighborhood covenants you can only own ONE mustang. I knew we don't have any covenants in this old neighborhood but I checked anyways. Obviously he's a jealous neighbor who drives a chevy :lollerz:

Most stop by and talk, even the UPS and Fed Ex guys. They ask if I fix the Mustangs to sell, and I say no. I Build them for me, then want something different and lose my ass selling them off...


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23 hours ago, Johnny57 said:

The way you posted your first post, it came across as if you were treating me as I didn't know crap about Mustangs, or the car I just bought. And unless it's not unusual to have a Screaming yellow 72 vert with yellow ram valves and those exact new tires and rims, I believe I own that car now. And everywhere I have seen, it was listed as a tribute car. One person wrote the show listed the cars value at 28,000.00. Which is vert money, not Mach money. Which I'm sure she didn't know the difference.

No offense taken.  My initial comment was in regards to the Price Is Right deal. 

Myself I feel your name is on the title, your car, use it as you please.  Only if you do make it a clone or tribute, be up front with whom ever you sell it to down the road or you could face legal issues.

Welcome to the site, I have always liked the bright "grabber colors" from the 70's.  My '71 is a grabber lime green that I bought as a demo in the spring of '72.  Now has approx 40k on it and mostly stock.

I have interest in all years of stangs, how long have you owned your 94 cobra?  What are your plans for it?  I am the original owner of a 94 GT.  Got it in as a special deal for being a member of a Ford SN95 focus group.  Never seen snow, 19k miles on it.  Pretty loaded.  If you need any photos in your redo of your 94, drop me a line as mine is factory store.

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@Hemikiller that would be my guess. The winners have to pay the income tax before they can receive their prizes. So she had a big bill to pay that off in California on 28 grand. So she probably sold it to pay the taxes/title and registration. Well, that would be my guess. Seems that is done often...

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@Mac Sorry I took it the wrong way, you never know on the internet. The trolls are usually the first ones to come out from under their rocks to trash talk. now I get you were writing about the show.

I also like the grabber colors, the green is great. (I'm a Kawasaki guy, so...lol) Wow, I bet it's really rare to have original owners of these guys out there.  I was so "flighty" when I was handed down the 73 Grande that Dad bought new, I didn't have it that long before I traded it. Very cool you kept yours!

And a 94 GT, original owner with 19K, that's unheard of, totally cool!

The 94 Cobra I bought a few months ago, really got beat up on that one. Had a built engine But was beat on hard and compression was low and one cylinder totally dead no comp. Needed bodywork. So doing a big rework on it, new motor, turbo, Tubular K member, coil overs, carpeting, front seats, tires, rims, louvers, wing, hood scoop front spoiler, converting to Auto. (bad clutch leg) Just putting a ton of work and money into that.  As I really wasn't expecting to get another Mustang, especially a Big Horse. But now I have a Sunday morning  car , the 72, The Monday thru Friday 2012 GT 5.00 tribute, and The 94 Cobra will be the Saturday night car...lol.



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If I have 't already said it here's a "Welcome from Ohio".  As most have mentioned it is "your car" so do as you please.  I would agree that if the car was 100% original than it would be a shame to make modifications to it.  The majority of these cars have had multiple owners over their life time and it's hard to find a pristine car. 

The car I own went through at least 4 different owners that I can trace over it lifetime.  What started out from the factory as a red Sportsroof with a 302, c4 and 3.00 open rear end now sits with a 460, c6 and 3.73 tracloc with stripes and blackout hood.  Along it's life it's also had a 351c with a fmx tranny in it.  When I got  the car it was decked out as a Mach1.  

To those that strive to have that 100% concours car I applaud you.  There are guys whom I envy like Fabrice for his detail work and Bentworker for his fabrication capabilities. 

 My build will never match theirs but it is "my build".  It's like the guy standing naked in front of a woman of ill repute.  See looks at him and says " Who you think your going to please with that little thing"?  The guy looks back and says "Me"!







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"The only dumb question is the one not asked"

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@Kilgon Thanks for the welcome! 

As it is, I am not looking to do anything other than fixing the problems and getting her road worthy. She is pretty much close to what I would have done, The screaming yellow, hockey stick decals, and ram air. That's what caught my eye, great shape and a great looker! The Mach I decals don't bother me, as they weren't really much more than a decal package. I remember when Dad and I went to look at mustangs at the end of 73, the dealership only had 2 Mustangs left, the metallic blue Grande with white top, 351C auto, and a Red Mach I.  Of course I went to the Red Mach I first, and was pretty much disappointed, as it was a 302 3 speed stick. A stripper really. So Dad did get the Grande. So the Mach I decals just don't bother me...

As a side note, I up badged my 66 fastback with GT 350 Decals, because I liked the look. I also took a 97 Cobra and down badged it as much as I could just because I was building a tribute to the Big horses. That's the Yellow car I posted. And on my 2012 GT I built it as a tribute to the 67 Shelby GT 500, with GT 5.00 stripes. That caused a lot of havoc on the S197 boards... LOL.

And I totally get the restored/concourse group, there will always be rivet counters/anoraks. It's when they get on people cases for making cars their own. To me vehicles are for entertainment, not investment or historical significance. 

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8 hours ago, Mister 4x4 said:

Lazarus is lucky he lives all the way over in NC... otherwise, he might wake up one morning, look outside, and see a half-assed restomod light pewter Mach 1 in place of his awesome gray vert. :whistling:

Thanks for the compliment brother.  Believe me, the grass is always greener in the other dude’s backyard. That gray vert’s body and paint are very nice but the interior needs a lot of work and the 351 2V is a little tired. I have a 4V in the barn waiting to get rebuilt.  I do like the car very much, don’t get me wrong; but you know how they never are done. 

And I still look at least once a week for the right sportsroof... and whatever color it is now, I assure you it will end up in light pewter. 

@Johnny57 Thanks on the color. I really liked the new Mustangs in the Magnetic Metallic so I just went for it. 

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Welcome to our merry band of miscreants. Its real good to se another 73 vert on the property, especially a modified yellow one. 

Like others have said do it your way. Ford built a real nice car, it's up to us to make them better! LOL!!

[align=left]Jeff T.


When I die I want to die like grandpa, peacefully in my sleep... not screaming, like his passengers. [/align]

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