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Leaking freeze plug?

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I seem to be loosing some coolant.  I still need to crawl under the car for a closer look, to confirm.  I have a drip from what appears to be the rear of the engine.  It doesn’t appear to be coming from the side of the block.

I suspect that the culprit is one or more of the frost plugs at the back of the engine.

Assuming it is a rear block frost plug, access is next to impossible with the engine in the car.

I have a small block 302 cid

1) I suspect that this is a “I better get it fixed” issue as the leak will likely only get worse, and possibly blow the whole plug out and leave me stranded somewhere in a puddle of coolant.

2) While I am there, should I replace all the frost plugs on the back of the block? Or leave the ones that aren’t leaking alone? ( Car was parked for close to 30 years started up a few times a year)...it’s a lot of work to get access to replace a $10 brass plug....I wouldn’t want to have to do it again in a few years time.

3) Any one have a picture available of the location of the frost plugs on the rear of the block. I have looked online and it is unclear whether there is 2 or 3 plugs on the back of the block.

Do I have to pull the engine? Or can I get at it by dropping the automatic transmission and attempt to fix it with the block in the car?

As always, I appreciate your comments



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If it is freeze plugs on the rear of the engine, drop the trans and do it in the car. Do all of them that are accessible. Really get this under pressure and determine the origin of the leak first, on the 302 coolant goes thru the heads on the way thru the intake manifold. Both of which could more likely be the problem. Either way in the car repair.

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Put the stang up on a buddies lift today to check on the leak (as identified by the tire shop last week at the back of the motor).

We had to look real hard to see anything as far as a leak, however eventually we saw a couple of drips at the back of the motor where the bell housing was attached to the block.

It doesn’t appear to require an immediate fix.

I will keep an eye on it and evaluate it next spring, given the driving season is all but over up here in Western Canada.

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