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Where do you get your supplies/tools/misc support stuff

Steve McMahan

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My wife sells stuff on EBay, and so, I go with her to thrift stores and such. As I continue to buildup my supplies of stuff I need for my 73 restoration, I am surprised at the great stuff I have found at those places. The other day I scored a Hayden trans cooler for $10, new in box. I also got 4 really great 2 ton jack stands for $15 each AND got a 20% senior discount 😀. I’ve really been able to outfit my shop with the stuff I need, as well as a few car items.

Have any of you been so lucky?

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Yes, my wife liked to frequent the thrift stores, until the pandemic hit us. I would go along, too, look through the electronic, hardware and automotive stuff. I didn't get a lot of tools, but did get other things like some nice $200 storage cabinets for $19, speakers, cables, etc.



“If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.”

--Albert Einstein


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